Monday, September 21, 2009

Gear hypes

The (Apple style) hype of the autumn was about Pioneer CDJ-2000 and it is not anymore... It was just a updated CDJ-1000MK3 with midi and usbports. But its too expensive and will do nothing more then Traktor Pro and a cheap controller.

Next thing is all about the new Allen & Heath xone:dx, it's some kind of controller for Digital DJ:s that (probably) will be relesed at BPM in Birmingham. But I know nothing more at the moment.
Just this bad picture...

Now it's released an it was for ITCH... (but of course you can map it for Traktor Pro) and will set you back 1200 euro... Well you can get a lot of stuff for that kind of money that will do a whole lot more...
Now the hype is for the Native Instrument controller, as seen on youtube.