Sunday, May 24, 2009

5 hour set with Traktor Pro

It just worked...
I was playing on a wedding with some cupoints and persian music from a USB memory.
The cupoints was to make Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody to crash and start Michael Jackson - Thriller Dance after that go to "Time of our Lives" from Dirty Dancing.
Hopefully I get the real video from the wedding...

I also had a intresting talk to a guy that plays on clubs i Tokyo. He was a friend to the weddingcouple and was asked to play, but it´s not the same to run tracks on a weddingparty. He was using vinyl, but now he´s on Serato. I understand, travelling round the globe with a big box of vinyls can´t be fun.

Traktor Pro worked perfectly for the whole set. One thing that I need when using loops and FX is a monitor, my earphones is not enough :) - plus - I wan´t 4 decks now, loops are fun!